Trucking & Customs Clearance

  • Our professionals handle the paperwork so you can fully focus on your business.
  • Customs clearance services is a complex area that includes legislation and procedures, to which noncompliance could have a detrimental impact on business operations and operational costs.
    With the best interest of clients in mind, our customs clearance services are geared to:
  • Identify the most appropriate Customs Regime to support the client’s business strategy
  • Analyse the client’s corporate business processes to deliver solutions that ensure measurable and quantifiable reductions to their duty and tax liability
  • Advise on Import Licenses, classification, valuation, duty reliefs, preferences, end-use
  • Ensure shipped goods are transferred without delay
  • Reduce cash flow burden that result from tax payments
  • Release of products for consumption (clearance through customs and import with payment of duties and taxes);
  • Verification of documents that prove certifications required for import/export (laboratory tests, CE, ROHS, EU, etc.);
  • Bonded warehouses: importing warehoused merchandise to allow payment of duties and taxes as they leave the warehouse;
  • Secured bonded shipment(T1 and T2);
  • Inward or outward processing (processing under customs control for import or export).
  • Temporary admissions (with partial or total exemption of customs duties or VAT);
  • ATA carnets (temporary import or export of products with suspended duties and taxes) ;
  • Analysis of needs, origins, and value in customs. Tariff classification (RTC) of your merchandise.

Customs Clearance Services:

  • Import Customs Clearance
  • Export Customs Clearance
  • Full Declarations and Reporting to Appropriate government authorities
  • Door Delivery Services
  • Post Declaration Monitoring and Reporting

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