Who we are - Apscambodia

OUR PEOPLE ARE THE DIFFERENCE. Highly trained. Motivated. Focused. This is

where we start. With people who are committed to their customers. With people who understand that going the extra mile is really just the beginning.

  • Attitude: A passionate, caring and wining attitude is focused on the basics of teamwork.
  • Resolute: Say that you do and do what you say!
  • Sense of Humor: Life’s too short not to enjoy the work we do and the people we work  with.
  • Visionary: A perceptive insight to the changing needs of clients, vendors, organization, and employees.
  • Appearance: Professionalism is at the core of our identity.
  • Confidebce: We must believe to achieve, not only in ourselves, but also in our coworkers.
  • Excellence: Doing not just what’s expected, but going the best that’s physically possible.
  • Integrity: Fairness, honesty, and dignity.
  • Pride: It’s the personal commilment we make.
  • Curiosity: Be the type of person who wants to learn more about something.

What makes the people of AIR PACKAGE SERVICE unique is their desire for respnsibility, their need to be challenged and to grow. We’re not Canadian, French,

German, Australian, Chinese, British, Egyptian… BUT WE ARE AIR PACKAGE SERVICE COMPANY.